Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yesterday at the park

Yesterday, at the park where I ride my bike everyday, I found a blown down nest in a pretty grove of tall pine trees. It had been run over and smashed flat but I molded it back into shape and voila! a nest again, even with one crack all the way through it. Not perfect, but perfectly beautiful. The dedication of one little bird flying back and forth, back and forth, to bring grass and twigs to that is astonishing.

I also found three tiny pinecones on a deserted, secluded part of the bike path. It is harder to find these tiny ones than to find the big cones. There were two squirrels in a chase. One, with a pinecone, was being chased at top squirrel speed by his squirrel friend....until the friend got distracted and ran up a tree. Detour!

Four sandhill cranes were out having a nice stroll. Each time we spot them, they are traveling as a group. It is quite a sight! Sandhills are tall and majestic and only a little afraid of humans. Once, last season, when there were still five, I walked right up to where they were posing. Three of them immediately moved away but two others walked up to me and seemed to be indicating that it was time for me to leave! I imagined they were the males. They never seem too worried about anything...they just stroll across the street when people get too close. Never in a hurry and never flustered, they are regal. Like the queen.

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