Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Pocket Archaeologist cooks super simple spaghetti

I wish I had a picture of this spaghetti but just think of every dish of spaghetti you have ever had and that is how it looks. It has three ingredients, not including the pasta of your choice. You determine the portions; about 1 lb of sausage, maybe an extra can of tomatoes if the sauce seems too thick, more or no mushrooms at all. You get the idea. Here you go.....

1. hunt's cheap-o traditional spaghetti sauce (BOGO at the grocery store like every other week) or some other more expensive brand if you prefer
2. italian sausage removed from the casing and browned
3. large can of mushrooms (not the baby can)

Put in a crockpot on LOW for a couple of hours or simmer slowly on the stove. Serve over your favorite noodle. Ta-da! You are the awesome mom/cook and everyone loves you!

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